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Kelco Industries
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Wild Animal

Product Detail
Double K's 560 Brushless Cage Dryer


Cage Dryer

The Most Advanced Animal Dryer

* BRUSHLESS MOTOR. A No Maintenance motor that requires no brush

* Helps protect animals from the risk of hyperthermia (overheating) or
hypothermia (chilling). A thermister, located in the small well beneath the
grate, is part of a control system that measures the temperature in the cage
and regulates the cage temperature. With this control system, the
Challengair 560 greatly reduces the risk of animal discomfort or harm.

* 70 % more air flow than any other cage dryer! The Challengair 560 has
greater air volume (750 cfm) than any other dryer in its category.

* Quiet Operation. The quietest cage dryer on the market.

* 60 minute safety timer.

* Versatile settings including two air volume and heat adjustments.

* Air filtration on both air inlets helps keep fan and internal parts clean.

* Two year warranty parts and labor. Double K has service centers in most
states. Warranty does not include filters.

* Fits most standard veterinary and grooming cages.

* Satisfaction guaranteed. May return within 30 days for a refund if not

Item Number: DK10000Quantity:
Price: $386.00

Brands Available at Groomers Friend
Double K
Groomers Edge
Kelco Industries
 Natures Choice
Wild Animal

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